About Us

Who we are?

Metro Computers is a Canadian owned company dedicated to providing the highest standards in home and office IT related service. We have award winning customer service, and have been recognised by numerous organisations for our high standards of customer care. We appreciate that when your computer fails, you don't want to be without it for very long, so we aim to have fastest turnaround service and try to complete repairs in the shortest timeframe possible.

As an inshop/onsite computer repair company, we enjoy the challenges and excitement that comes from the job, and love the satisfaction that comes with exceeding a customer's expectations. So if you are experiencing computer troubles, why not give us a call and allow one of our friendly staff to show you how quick and painless it is to have your computer or laptop repaired today.

What we do?

We only do what we do best - inshop/onsite/remote IT services! You may bring your computer to our office without an appointment; we can come out to your home or office and we won't leave until you are satisfied that your computer(s) are working exactly how you wanted; we can remotely help you resolve most computer issues without having to disconnect and move your computer or wait for a technician to show up at your home or office. We deal with home users, small, medium, and large businesses. We can setup broadband internet and wireless networks, as well as those annoying problems where the computer simply wont turn on. In short, if you have any problem with your home or business computer, or any type of IT help - we can fix it, and in most cases much faster than you would expect.

What services we offer?

Metro Computers offers computer/PC/Mac repairs, laptop/notebook/tablet repairs, Networking services, Data Recovery services, Voice-Over-IP, and IPTV in Canada, by supporting small businesses or home office computers and networks. We specialise in helping with computer problems and IT support. We understand your needs for a reliable, knowledgable, quality, professional, consistent IT support structure to ensure IT continuity and troublefree operation from a trusted & certified computer technician.

Why Metro Computers?

In most cases, we provide same-day service and aim to have the issue resolved on the spot where ever possible. No one wants to be without their computer or laptop for long, so we aim to complete all work onsite whenever possible. You have the convenience of dropping off your computer at one of our locations, and expect an average turnaround time of 48 hours (excluding times outside hours of operation).

We have the best customer service - period. We are always looking to improve how we work. We know that not everyone knows how to use a computer, or knows the difference between a modem and a hard drive - so when you call us, you speak to a real person who can guide you through the repair process in plain English!

We come to you! You come to us! or We connect to your computer remotely! We offer flexible hours. We know that people have hectic schedules to maintain these days. Whether it be doing overtime in the office, or having to rush the kids to soccer training, we know your time is precious. That's why we offer after hours repairs where ever possible, and try to work around your lifestyle as best we can.

Our history?

Metro Computers started in 1992 with a small workshop near downtown Edmonton, AB. We provided service for the edmonton area by doing computer service and IT maintenance.
In 2005 Metro Computers was Incorporated under a numbered company
In 2006 Metro Computers added a new service "Satellite Installs"
In 2006 Metro Computers added a new service "Web Hosting and Web Design"
In 2009 Metro Computers added a new service "Data Recovery & Disaster Planing"
In 2009 Metro Computers added a new service "IPTV to provide ethnic channels"
In 2010 Metro Computers added a new service "Home and Business Voice-Over-IP Telephone systems"
In 2010 Metro Computers relocated to a newer shop located on whyte avenue in the city of Edmonton
In 2011 Metro Computers added a new service "Cell phone unlocking service"
In 2011 Metro Computers expanded the service area to across Canada for some services we offer
In 2012 Metro Computers expanded all our services across Canada
In 2012 Metro Computers added a new service "Secure Offsite Backup"
In 2012 Metro Computers added a new online store "Metro Store"
In 2012 Metro Computers added a new service "Remote Computer Support"
In 2012 Metro Computers extended the use of the "Remote Computer Support" to 24 Hours per day
In 2012 Metro Computers added a new service "Search Engine Optimization"
In 2013 Metro Computers added a new service "Dedicated & VPS Server Hosting"
In 2014 Metro Computers expanded & improved the "VOIP Service" to provide better "International Calling" rates
In 2015 Metro Computers relocated to a professional  office building "White Oaks" in the north end of the city of Edmonton
In 2015 Metro Computers improved our infrastructure to provide better "Server & Workstation Monitoring & Maintenance Services"

...and we're positive that we're not going to stop there; every opportunity we get to provide you new services that benefit you and save you the hassle of trying to locate a company that does such a service.
We're defenitley one of the rare companies that provide that many services under one company title METRO COMPUTERS. As they all say, one-stop-shop for all your IT related services.